To tan, or Not to tan?

Most Americans believe they can start their summer tan a little faster by going to tanning beds.  Most don’t realize that without the proper protection, those tanning beds can cause serious burns not only to the skin, but to the eyes.

Research shows that UV radiation levels of a tanning bed are 100 times that of the natural sun.  The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requires tanning facilities to furnish clean, UV-blocking goggles to all consumers.  Without these protective eye goggles, the New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians warns that using a tanning bed without protective goggles is the “equivalent to staring at the sun.”

A few tips:

  • Request goggles when using tanning beds;
  • Use proper skin care.
  • And, when outdoors, wear ultra-violet absorbing eyewear, which provides the greatest measure of UV protection.

Source: Prevent Blindness America