Since today is the anniversary of the horrible tragedy on 9/11, I thought it might be good to mention an article written shortly after the event covering details of the recovery effort.

A Dangerous Worksite – World Trade Center” is a must-read.  This informative article on OSHA’s website greatly details the grueling efforts of thousands of people working to recover the remains of those who lost their lives, and to reclaim the ground where the twin towers once stood.  The goal of OSHA, City of NY, Construction and Labor Unions and government entities was to recover the site with no further loss of life.

Workers from virtually all walks of life are listed in the article, along with pictures that bring it all back to its harsh reality.

To quote John Henshaw, Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA, U S Department of Labor: “On May 30, 2002, when the recovery was completed, not another life had been lost, and illness and injury rates were far below national average for industries involved in the recovery.”

Along with hundreds of suppliers and businesses in America, T.A.S.C.O. proudly sent hardhats and respirators to protect the dedicated workers.  OSHA distributed more than 131,000 respirators, 11,000 hard hats, 13,000 safety glasses and goggles, 21,000 pairs of protective gloves, and identified more than 9,000 hazards.
Texas America Safety Company, along with all Americans, salutes the workers for their hard work during the 10 months of the recovery mission.

Source: OSHA