It is proven that companies that promote off the job safety as well as on the job safety have lower workplace/injury/illness rates than those who do not.  Off the job accidents average $700 per employee per year for costs in medical and other expenses, and $1,000 per employee per year in medical costs for dependents.  Lost time production, training new workers, lost sales, insurance expenses and administrative costs add up for the employer.  It pays for companies to organize a safety program for that addresses the importance of a safe home and play atmosphere.

Just because whatever we want to do away from work is our time, some of the things that we do result in injuries that take us away from work more than we want to be!  One of the main causes of loss of life and injury outside the workplace is the motor vehicle accident.  Whether it is driving a race car, boat, regular auto, or engaging in sports, shopping, cooking….. accidents are  there– just waiting to happen!

Many companies assign teams, which include senior managers as well as employee representatives to plan the type of safety training that applies to the individual family’s needs.
Team leaders would develop a program for families ensuring parents, spouses, children, and friends are included.  Success would depend on keeping the employees interested in the program.  Make it fun for everyone to discuss and share experiences of accidents they may have been involved in, and how it could have been prevented.

Some suggested topics that the teams could work on:

  • Driving topics, i.e., fighting traffic, for residents of larger cities; and rural driving problems that are encountered by workers living in rural areas.
  • Staying safe while enjoying outdoor activities
  • Shopping safely with children- shopping cart accidents cause head injuries in toddlers
  • Home Safety – make checklists
  • Effects of alcohol
  • Boating Safety
  • ATV’s
  • Cooking Safety Outdoors
  • Playing Sports
  • Holiday Safety

Keeping the program diversified is the key to success.  Prizes or gift certificates could be awarded to the team having the most involvement, according to employee and family participation.  Making safety a priority at home and work results in a more secure world for all.

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  1. Safety is so important no matter what activity or job you do, but it is also important to insure your property in case something happens.

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