Employers are always trying to find ways to get the attention of their employees when it comes to safety in the workplace.  You can tell them over and over about risks involved in every day work, but visuals grab their attention and stick with them!  Research has shown that people remember 50% more of what they see than in what they hear. Testimonies that visuals do attract people are proven by images on billboards, television advertising, magazines and newspapers.

During the World Wars, propaganda graphics were used to sway the thinking of the masses.  A friend saw one at a hospital where she once worked that said “Loose Lips Sink Ships”, showing a sinking World War II ship.  It was thoughtfully placed next to the Medical Records Department, as a reminder of the confidentiality rule associated with patients’ privacy rights.
When you think about it, that little verse applies to just about all of us in everyday life, doesn’t it?

Keeping your employees constantly aware of safety is the goal of any good employer.  Accidents can be very costly.  Sometimes humor in the workplace can go far in preventing accidents.  Colorful, humorous posters catch the eye of employees and yet deliver the message to them that you expect them to work safely.  Posters must provide pictures that instill in their minds the consequences of unsafe practices.  Seeing those slogans daily, their mind enjoys the images and subconsciously stores them away, helping them avoid being in that familiar accident-prone situation.

An example:  If It Seems Unsafe Safety Poster

If it looks unsafe