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As we have said many times, a good way to get your safety message across is through safety posters. Posters have different themes – they may be serious, may display your state and federal laws, be funny, or encourage teamwork: Together Everyone Accomplishes More!  We have been fortunate to hear from many of our readers, who share the same concerns about safety for everyone, regardless of the location: work, home or play.  This week, we have been sharing some of those articles, accompanied by photos; we know you will enjoy them.  Tomorrow and Friday, we will feature two more guest posts.

Meanwhile, we’d like to introduce some of the new safety posters fromTexas America Safety Company, www.tasco-safety.com.  Anyone who works in the medical field, from hospitals, clinics, dentists, pharmacies, to other types of healthcare know that patient privacy is foremost, and they can be punished by fine and released from work if they give out unauthorized medical information.  Please refer to this new HIPAA poster.

You see exit routes almost everywhere, that say “You are here,” but do you really stop to figure out how to escape once you need to?  Another new poster spells it out for you: Know your emergency escape.  This gives the company a lead to the actual map you need to study and familiarize yourself with.

We just recently wrote about protecting our backs.  This back and exercise poster has some valuable information on relieving back pressure.  There are also new posters available on handling heat related illnesses, Everyone’s a Winner, Respirator Safety, and a general safety poster.  One of my favorites is “Attend Safety Meetings.”  You’ll see why!  In addition, there are posters available for just about every type of hazard you can imagine.

Any way we can communicate the importance of safety compliance in the workplace is of the utmost importance.  Posters play an important reminder that the company is interested in everyone’s safety.  A poster contest among workers with a dinner for two, or some other prize would be very entertaining for employees.  Funny or serious, posters need to be changed around pretty often so workers don’t get complacent and ignore them.  If they look for new ones ever so often, you know they are paying attention.  (Especially when there are fewer accidents!)  So, get your safety rules and regulations out and spread the word: Safety First!


The industrial environment is challenged with trying to prevent accidents at the workplace.  Just think how much they must spend on personal protective equipment, training, and if an accident happens – loss of work and productivity, insurance claims, material damage, loss of life, and much time spent writing accident reports.  Because everybody acts of their own free will, sometimes it isn’t easy to get them to follow what you want them to do.  Ironically, those same people are the cause of most accidents!  If your workers don’t obey the rules that you have established, or don’t wear their protective equipment, or don’t practice good safety when they aren’t being supervised, chances are something will probably happen, and it won’t be good!  The key to controlling accidents is safety awareness; this type of safety awareness is critical in any construction site.  One unsafe act can bring your safety record down in a few seconds.

What is a good way to deliver your safety message?

Researchers have found that people remember 50% more in what they see than in what they hear. Promoting safety through visuals is a very effective way to get people’s attention.  Most people enjoy posters that are humorous.  Pleasant thoughts generate more receptive learning.  Using humor drives a point that is so easy to understand when done correctly.  Cartoons can illustrate dangerous situations, which might be impossible to capture on film in real life.

Check out a couple of examples of the safety posters found at tasco-safety.com:




The first poster, PPE ONLY WORKS IF YOU WEAR IT – depicts work boots, respirator, earmuffs, hardhat, glasses, earplugs, and gloves, all in one picture.  It reminds employees to wear the specific things that are required to keep them safe in their work.

Good luck to all safety instructors in getting the message across.  We hope the posters will help get the attention of your workers.  It’s also good to stock up on several and post different ones on a periodic basis, so employees will be watching for new ideas.


Employers are always trying to find ways to get the attention of their employees when it comes to safety in the workplace.  You can tell them over and over about risks involved in every day work, but visuals grab their attention and stick with them!  Research has shown that people remember 50% more of what they see than in what they hear. Testimonies that visuals do attract people are proven by images on billboards, television advertising, magazines and newspapers.

During the World Wars, propaganda graphics were used to sway the thinking of the masses.  A friend saw one at a hospital where she once worked that said “Loose Lips Sink Ships”, showing a sinking World War II ship.  It was thoughtfully placed next to the Medical Records Department, as a reminder of the confidentiality rule associated with patients’ privacy rights.
When you think about it, that little verse applies to just about all of us in everyday life, doesn’t it?

Keeping your employees constantly aware of safety is the goal of any good employer.  Accidents can be very costly.  Sometimes humor in the workplace can go far in preventing accidents.  Colorful, humorous posters catch the eye of employees and yet deliver the message to them that you expect them to work safely.  Posters must provide pictures that instill in their minds the consequences of unsafe practices.  Seeing those slogans daily, their mind enjoys the images and subconsciously stores them away, helping them avoid being in that familiar accident-prone situation.

An example:  If It Seems Unsafe Safety Poster

If it looks unsafe

How Do You Communicate Safety Issues To Your Employees?

Posters play a vital role in serving as safety and health reminders in the workplace.  There is a  huge variety of posters, and it’s easy to find the ones that fit your special type of operation.  Some posters are mandated, such as Federal and State OSHA health and safety posters.  Information on employer obligations and employee rights pertaining to health and safety should also be displayed.

PPE Poster

Tips for successful posters:

  • Choose safety posters that employees will notice.  Often employees will overlook standard safety posters.
  • Keep information updated regularly with current data and ideas on how to keep the workplace safe.
  • Switch posters around in different locations in order for more employees to view them.
  • Health information is important.  For those who do strenuous types of work, choose posters that help avoid physical discomfort.  For those who work in offices with little physical activity, posters with information on healthy eating, posture, and exercise can be helpful.
  • Select posters that are specific to your particular type of industry.
  • Consider purchasing frames to make the posters look more professional and last longer.