Are you among the multitudes of workers who dread attending the next regular safety meeting?  Holding successful safety meetings is essential to the success of any business.  Encounters that create workers’ enthusiasm about recognizing and preventing every day hazards can be conducted in such a way that will change their behavior toward safety, thereby making it fun to think about working safely!

The person in charge of the program should make a good first impression.  His/her opening presentation plays a big part in how well they listen.  If their attention is captured from the beginning, the speaker then has a better feeling of self-confidence, as well.

Let us share these suggestions toward spicing up your safety meetings:

  • Relate to your listeners.  Talk about the experiences you have had that are familiar to your coworkers.  Stay on track with a near-accident or accident that happened in your past that are common hazards to their work environment.  Ask them to comment.

If you are talking about money, life, or limb, they will pay attention.  Stay on topic, as the importance of working safely applies to potential loss of the above mentioned.

  • Display objects: everyone enjoys visuals.  If you are talking about fire safety, let them put out an actual fire (wastebasket, etc.)
  • Pass out index cards and let them give their opinion/experience on the topic you are discussing. (Do not make them sign the cards!) Read them out loud and discuss.
  • Ask them the question: what would you do if? For example, your topic is fall prevention, and “you see a coworker fall, and you are the only one with him?”
  • Make it fun!  It’s all right to give statistics on injuries; however, if you harp too long on facts and figures, you will lose your audience.
  • Praise those who: offer safety suggestions, attend meetings regularly, acquire safety contacts, and improve housekeeping in the workplace.
  • Safety Awards are always appreciated.  Free pizza is a small way to reward employees for going one month without any lost-time on-the-job injuries.

All workers will look forward to attending the next safety meeting if it is customized and designed toward common goals for a safe work environment.  If your company has a successful safety program, reward your employees!  A pat on the back and word of praise go a long way.