Think Safety on Purpose

Below is a testimonial from a friend who, like most of us, did not consider the dangers of doing even normal household and maintenance chores without protection.  I know I’ve trimmed trees and hedges dozens of times without using protection.  I think now I will reconsider!

Several years ago I stuck a mulberry branch stob into my right eye.  I had laser surgery and was not wearing glasses, the first form of eye protection.  My accident caused me to endure two additional surgeries and an extra year of treatment.  Since then, and due to my unfortunate experience, I wear safety goggles during all my tree trimming yard work.  They are not an inconvenience, and are much easier to deal with than almost blinding yourself.

Bill La Barr

United Methodist Church

2 thoughts on “Think Safety on Purpose”

  1. I don’t do any work around the house without my eye protection. I use MSA glasses. They’re really comfortable and the look good. You can find them at Home Depot or order them from Amazon. Your eyes are definitely worth protecting.

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