Gifts can be for special occasions or given as a random act of kindness to surprise someone you know.  But what if your gift could save their life?  FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) recommends showing how much you really care by giving emergency preparedness items as gifts.  In other articles on our website, we have discussed “Being Prepared”, and “Protect Your Pet”, for times of disasters.  Many of the items listed in these articles are mentioned again, but what a unique idea it would be to give one of the following as a gift:

  • Appropriate fire extinguishers
  • Foldable ladders for second-story escape routes
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • NOAA Weather radios, with extra batteries
  • Enrollment in a CPR or First Aid Class
  • Flashlights, batteries
  • Highway Safety Kit

Consider purchasing a sturdy container that these staples can be stored in, and note that the contents should be checked every 6 months:

  • Manual can opener
  • 3-Day Supply of water (1 gallon per person, per day)
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Canned foods with water
  • Pet Supplies

Note:  Emergency supply kits should be prepared for home, work, and even the car.

If there are elderly persons living alone in your neighborhood, it would be great if you could be sure that they are also prepared.  If they do not own a cell phone, a group could purchase a basic cell phone that would give them a feeling of security.

Keeping family, friends and neighbors safe is a very important part of every day life.


  1. We have a business that specializes in gift boxes full of preparedness supplies. At the moment, we have three boxes: Safe House, Ready Cars and Mutt Mitigation. Each box comes in three sizes, safe, safer and safest. The boxes can be customized with corporate logos and colors and make a terrific client gift.

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