Football and basketball are over, and if you are one that doesn’t enjoy watching golf, what better way to spend time than fishing with a friend, your kids or grandkids?  Warm weather is almost here, so start getting that tackle box ready, clean up the boat, get your license, and let’s go!

Fishing, as well as any other sport, can be hazardous if you don’t keep safety in mind.  We have some common-sense reminders for you, just in case you have forgotten:

  • Always consider safety factors when you are choosing your fishing spot.
  • If you are in a boat, you and everyone else must wear a life jacket.
  • Know the weight restrictions of your boat, and do not overload it.
  • Whether in a boat, or fishing off the bank, stay away from areas that are marked “off limits.”  Their purpose is to protect wildlife, vegetation, and/or your safety.
  • Remember, “don’t drink and drive” applies to boats as well as cars or trucks.
  • Be sure to check out weather forecasts.
  • Carry a flashlight, water, cell phone, and portable radio.
  • Be sure to wear safety glasses and a hat.
  • Also take sunscreen with at least 15 SPF.
  • It’s important to wear tennis shoes, (old ones), to not slip, or get cut by rocks, hooks, glass, or other items that may be in the water where you are wading.
  • Look before you cast.  There have been many trips to the emergency room by folks that have gotten hooked.  (Another good reason to keep those safety glasses on!)
  • Use caution when baiting and removing hooks.
  • Handle fishing tackle responsibly.  Don’t leave any of it lying on the ground, dock, or boat.
  • Lastly, take along some insect repellent.  Our pesky little friends always like to go along on fishing trips, too.

Have a great fishing trip, whether it’s a lake, pond, or river.  There’s no better way to enjoy the outdoors and relax a little.  Just always play it safe.

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  1. you are right.. fishing is one of the best pass times i have ever had.. nice to see giving such details on the net.. :

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