School bells are ringing again, and a whole new set of parents and students will be on the roads, rushing to get their little scholars to school on time!  Experienced parents and students will also be hitting the streets again.  We ask you to make this promise:   “I will take no risks to endanger the safety of my child or other children. I will drive safely this entire year, even if I am late to work or my child is tardy.”  (The consequences of being delayed outweigh the emotional and physical costs of an accident.)

Safety tips to keep in mind when taking/picking up your child:

  • Plan ahead, and allow extra time to deliver your child to school on time.
  • Young children may dart into path of cars, so watch, watch, watch!
  • Don’t assume that your child is safe in a crosswalk; tell them to stop and look both ways, if not accompanied by a crosswalk guard.
  • Be familiar with school zones and speed limits at your child’s school.
  • Do not let your cell phone, palm, or other wonders of technology distract you from the primary goal:  the ultimate safety of your child and other children.
  • Motorists need to obey all traffic laws and speed limits.
  • Be sure to stop for school buses that have stopped to load or unload passengers.
  • When you are backing out of your driveway, be sure to watch for kids hurrying to school, either walking or on their bikes.
  • Cell phone conversations should be postponed until you have left the school area. (Many states outlaw the use of cell phones in school zones.)

Teenagers:  this applies to you, as well.  We take many things for granted in our daily routines: our jobs, schedules, families, and health.  A blunder caused by hurried, careless driving could alter many lives, so slow down, and drive safely!