Earlier this year, we featured Safety Advice for Women of all Ages.  We feel it would be helpful to review this information and add these good suggestions, as well:

  • If a thief wants your wallet or purse, do not hand it to him; throw it away.  Hopefully, he will be more interested it that and will go for it, so you can make your break.
  • Do not sit in your car working on your checkbook or making a list, as you may be vulnerable to some predator who is watching you.
  • When you get into your car, lock your doors and drive away.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Do not be tricked into helping someone.  There are many professional criminals who will play on your sympathies.
  • Your elbow is the strongest point on your body; use it if you need to.
  • There are many scams that are done outside your house; if you hear unusual noises, call for help, but do not go outside to investigate.
  • God forbid, but if you are ever put into a car trunk, kick out the taillights and wave like crazy, so someone will see you!

These warnings apply to men and children, as well as women.  It seems as though women and children are the most likely targets for predators.  We all should be vigilant and watch for each other.  There are many protective devices adults can carry, such as pepper spray or mace.  In this crazy world of ours, we just can’t be too careful!