Everyone deserves a pat on the back at one time or another.  If you brag on a child for good behavior or good grades, chances are he will continue working hard for your praise, or even a little reward!  Many times a few kind words will go a long way.  When I worked for an oilfield construction company, our customers would let me know whether or not our crews had done a good job for them.  I always made it a point to pass that information on- first, to the boss, and then, to the workers.  They deserved to know each time they had pleased the customer.

Safety awards are excellent motivational tools that reward workers for consistently performing their jobs safely.  Companies should include their workers in the planning of their safety program. After all, they are the ones that know the hazards they encounter every day.

Frequent repetition of safety goals as outlined will bring good results.  Posters placed in common places also serve as great safety reminders.  Depending on the size of the company, it should be determined exactly what the choices of the awards will be, such as pizza parties, gift certificates, discounts for certain products, first aid kits, etc.

It’s been said that 93% of all accidents happen because people were not paying attention to what they were doing while they were doing it!  Workers must be trained to be constantly aware of risks they may experience, and focus on doing their job safely.  Proper training and accountability are important characteristics of a good safety plan.  Wellness initiatives could also be worked into a safety awards program.  Individual recognition plays a valuable roll, as well.  If your company has a newsletter, feature pictures of those who were shown appreciation; if not, put their picture in the newspaper.  This would be a way of acknowledging  that your company appreciates those employees who act responsibly.

Promoting daily safety goals will produce long-term safety awareness.  Work safely, and give your co-workers words of praise when they play by the rules.  That way, everyone’s a winner!