Where in the world has 2009 gone?  We have 31 days left of this year, and we need to do all we can to make this hectic time a safe and healthy one!  With the upcoming celebrations, keep driving safety in mind, watching for the other drivers, as well.  Getting ready for the holidays is great fun, with all the extra goodies at work and parties!  Then reality hits (with a few extra pounds), and New Year’s Resolutions are made!  Maybe it would be a good idea if we don’t indulge quite as much during December; then we won’t have that many extra pounds to worry about.

Notable days in December are:

  • World AIDS Day is December 1 (Tuesday)
  • Pearl Harbor Day is December 7  (Monday)
  • Hanukkah begins December 12 (Saturday)
  • 1st Day of Winter – December 21 (Monday)
  • Christmas Eve – December 24 (Thursday)
  • Christmas – December 25 (Friday)
  • Kwanzaa begins December 26 (Saturday)
  • New Year’s Eve – December 31 (Thursday)

December 6 – 12 is Hand Washing Awareness Week, something we have all preached about with the H1N1 virus hanging around!

December is also National Month of:

  • Human Rights
  • Read A New Book
  • Safe Toys and Gifts
  • Love Your Neighbor
  • Universal Human Rights
  • Colorectal Cancer Awareness
  • Stress-Free Family Holiday Month (love this one!)

There are too many to list, but here are a few Days Of that are recognized:

  • Disabled Persons Awareness
  • Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day (Dec. 4th) (Good one!)
  • Teacher Appreciation Day
  • Don’t Be a Scrooge

Enjoy this busy time of the year, and as always, keep safety in mind, both at work or play.