There aren’t many jobs in this world that don’t have a certain amount of risks involved.  Sure, a steelworker has a more dangerous job than a secretary sitting behind a desk!  But there are many hazards in even an office.  Tripping over wires, file cabinet drawers being left out, are just a few of the dangers lurking in an office.  It’s up to the individual to be safe.

Those who must wear Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, have the responsibility of wearing it in the correct way, and not removing it while working.  Companies train employees in the proper use of PPE in relation to their job duties.  Employees should pay attention to the training they are given, and to the risks they encounter on an every-day basis.

Injuries occur at work, but many times they can be avoided.  Watching out for both yourself and the other guy will pay off.  Know your job hazards.  If you pay attention to your job, use common sense, avoid distractions, and follow company policies, hopefully you will go through your entire work experience without a scratch.

PPE is there for a reason:
There are many types of Personal Protective Equipment for hundreds of uses, but remember, it works best when used properly.  Your company can buy it for you, but it’s up to you to wear it and take care of it.  Be sure it fits comfortably.  If something becomes worn, report it to your supervisor, so it can be replaced.  Certain jobs at home require types of PPE, whether to protect your eyes with safety glasses or goggles while mowing the lawn, working in the shop, or wearing gloves when gardening.  Taking the time to put on a pair of gloves, glasses, or whatever is needed is the best way to be safe.  Whether your tasks are at home or work, play it safe!  Know your equipment and protect yourself at all times.

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