With the beginning of the April 22, 1970 movement, approximately 20 million Americans participated to reach the goal of a healthy, sustainable environment.  Up until this time, separate groups who had been fighting against polluting factories, power plants, toxic dumps, oil spills, and extinction of wildlife began to realize that they shared common goals.  Through the years and with the help of the worldwide web, the efforts of those concerned with the environment have multiplied.  Other concerns such as global warming and clean energy have now emerged, as well.  People all over the world celebrate Earth Day either on March 20th or April 22nd.  This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Earth Day movement, started in 1970.

The Earth Day Network has more than 20,000 partners and works with 190 countries to promote building a healthy, prosperous clean energy economy now and for the future.  We must produce a green economy around the globe, in every corner of our world, by making it cleaner.

Air pollution is one of the main causes of harmful health effects.  Coal-fired electric power plants release tons of sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide and mercury into the air each year.  These were built before clean air laws were passed in the 1970’s.  Some trucks and vehicles produce harmful emissions, and traces of gas are in the air around gas drilling.

Our homes need to be healthy homes.  Dust and mold can build up, and cause respiratory problems.  Affordable housing should be available to everyone, and they should not have to worry about lead paint, bad drinking water, and other things that contribute to health problems.

The average age of U.S. Schools is 42 years.  Over sixty per cent report there is at least one serious maintenance problem in their campus buildings.  (Our community is just now rebuilding the local high school, which was built in 1953.)  Just imagine the asbestos and other materials that were in the building!

We applaud everyone who participates in Earth Day!  If every single person would use less electricity, not print everything they do on their computers, and pick up trash thrown out by some careless person, it would add up to better health for us all.  Do your part to spruce up our planet!