Can’t believe this is the last day of September!  I hope the days are getting a little cooler where you are, and that you are enjoying crisp, cool mornings!

There are so many safety topics that we will cover in October.  Because October is Fire Safety Month, and Fire Prevention Month, we will be talking about many of the ways that we can make our homes and workplaces “fire-proof.”

October is Animal Safety and Protection Month.  As an animal lover, it is particularly important to me that we all keep our pets as healthy and safe as possible.

National Cyber Safety Awareness Month is observed in October.  We all have heard of the horrible things that can occur because of persons that abuse the use of computers to do things that are unspeakable.  Whether it is personal identity theft, or harrassment, using a computer as a tool to harm others is unacceptable.

Another observance for October is Helmet Safety Month.  We talk a lot about the dangers of sports activities and work duties that are involved when helmet or hardhat is not worn.  Please be sure your kids wear those helmets when riding their bikes to school!

I think there’s even a Drive Safely Work Week in October, so looks like I have plenty of work ahead of me! 

A very important occasion for families is Halloween, especially if there’s little spooks involved.  Start making your plans now for a safe one for all concerned.  Map out the route you plan to take the kids, and go with them on that busy night.

Until tomorrow, enjoy your last day of September, 2010.