July just arrived, and with it came plenty of hot sun and humid weather.  Life goes on, whether it is work or play, so the best way to cope with it is to keep your body temperature as cool as possible.  (My suggestion is to stay inside!)  For those folks who don’t have that option, there are some “cool” ideas that we hope will help you make this summer go by faster by staying as comfortable as possible. 

Here are some ideas  from Texas America Safety Company: 

Introducing the MiraCool Body Cooling Vests.These vests come with water activated MiraCool crystals sewn into the fabric of the vest. These crystals become activated once soaked in cold water for approximately 30 minutes, and then will stay cool for the rest of the day. The cooling vests can be worn over shirts, or under a protective suit to provide an excellent source of heat relief.The cooling vests measure 24 inches tall, and 16 inches wide. These are a one size fits most type of poncho design. The sides are open and have adjustable straps with snap-on buckles. Finally, the material is 100 percent cotton. Features:
  • Pull over poncho style
  • 1 3/8″ Yellow gloss reflective tape
  • Expandable sides with adjustable buckles
  • One size fits all


There are also MiraCool Bandannas, which work on the same principle.  They are great for outdoor workers, golfers, and athletes.  Once soaked with water for 30 minutes, they keep you cooled down for 18 holes, at least. 

If you have a way to carry these, here’s a suggestion you may not have heard before:

Purchase a pack of inexpensive washcloths from a dollar store, roll each up and secure with a rubber band.  Then toss them into a cooler of ice water for everyone to grab.  The neck and wrists are the best cooling points to choose, because the large arteries run close to the skin. 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Water is the best choice, of course, but certain other drinks, such as Gatorade can help fight dehydration and fatigue on the job or at play.  Drinks with caffeine or alcohol can cause more damage than good, so leave those for later.  When we sweat, we lose weight, so we need to restore the weight lost by ingesting water.  Football and baseball players and other athletes that are exposed to extreme heat, should have plenty of water on hand during practice. 

Of course, it goes without saying that we must protect our heads, eyes, and skin.  For construction or other outdoor workers who must protect their heads by wearing hardhats, there are sunshields that fit well onto the hardhat for additional shade, as well as neck cloths.  UV rays can damage our eyes, so Polarized safety sunglasses can protect those peepers.  Regardless if you work outdoors or play outdoors, long-sleeve shirts and hats offer skin safety, along with plenty of sunscreen.  

Summer can be a fun time for vacations, but not-so-fun for those who must be out in the heat due to work or athletics.  Please take care of yourself by using the right precautions and protection.  Sunburn can be costly later down the line, while making you miserable at the time you experience it.  With the 4th Of July coming up, remember to drive safely, buckle up, keep your “cool” behind the wheel and have a safe holiday. 

We hope our tips on “chilling out” will help you this summer.  Be sure to check out all our cooling products, and if you mention you read it on the blog, there’ll be a 5% discount for you!