There are many reasons why people like to get their kitchens redecorated. Among them is child safety. Plenty of accidents happen in kitchens of homes, and homeowners want to take every possible precaution to ensure that their kids will remain safe in the area. After all, it’s one place that small children and toddlers are bound to end up in a house. If you’re looking to get your kitchen remodelled, following are a few tips you may consider. 

Child-proof locks must be used wisely 

All drawers and cabinets that contain sharp objects like scissors and knives, lighters and matches, medications, cleaning supplies, breakable objects like glass and heavy objects like cast iron skillets must have locks. Apart from keeping dangerous items locked in cabinets and drawers, it also serves as an idea to put hazardous items that aren’t used very frequently in drawers that are not in your child’s reach. 

Baby gates must be used to keep kids out 

Though toddlers and babies may be good to have around, but when you’re cooking, it is safer, and more practical to keep them away from the kitchen. For instance, when there are too many cooks, it is best forchildren to stay out of the area, as more people in the kitchen increases the chances of accidents. Moreover, there may be times when toddlers just make their way to the kitchen and find sharp or dangerous items to play with. The best way to keep them out is to install a baby gate that allows them to look on the other side and interact, but doesn’t let them get past into the thick of the action.  

If you’re busy cooking, and there’s no one to baby-sit, you may place the toddler in a playpen or a high chair inside the cooking area. Playpens and high chairs keep children contained and away from harm, while allowing them to be part of things inside the kitchen. 

Appliances must be used to practice child safety 

Appliances like the refrigerator can be locked using a child-proofing product. Devices that can keep stoves bolted into the wall and keep it from flipping over are also available in the market, in case the kid uses the door of the oven as a step. Small appliances that are not being used must be kept unplugged and the cords must be wrapped up and away from the kid’s reach. For the pots on the stove, make sure that their handles face inward. This is extremely important to ensure that the child doesn’t grab it and pull the pot, and the boiling liquid down onto him/herself. 

There is no doubt that kitchens are inviting and warm rooms in a home, but the fact that many an accident occur in the area cannot be overlooked. Cabinets must be locked, unsafe items must be put in high places and away from children’s reach, baby gates must be used to keep toddlers away from the hazards of the kitchen and appliances must be used to practice child safety and then, you can be assured that your child will be out of harm’s way. 

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Thank you, Penny, for this good advice on child safety.  Many accidents happen in the kitchen, and most are preventable. pb



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