Tips to Stay Safe When You Are Moving

How to Stay Safe and Fit As you Move?

Moving to another location can get exciting when you think about meeting new people and settling down in a totally different place. However, the stress involved in planning the move, packing and unpacking can take a toll on your health. Apart from the stress involved in moving, there is every possibility of suffering from minor and severe injuries.

Injuries are common due to lifting, loading and unloading items during the moving process. It is therefore important to consider certain safety tips prior to the big move in order to avoid injuries and have a smooth move. Keeping yourself safe during the move requires great attention. Here are a few safety tips to help you take care of yourself during the moving process.

Avoid Back Injury

Most of the injuries occur when you lift heavy items. You can hurt your back when lifting heavy items. In order to avoid back injury, you need to make use of legs for lifting items instead of your back. The best way to lift heavy items is by squatting down, grasping the item and lifting it with your legs, exerting pressure on leg muscles.

Distribute weight of boxes equally by packing items in various boxes, instead of dumping all items in one single box. This will make lifting boxes much easier.

Carry Filtered Water Bottles

A strenuous exercise like moving that involves lifting, packing and unloading heavy items dehydrates the body. In order to keep the body hydrated, it is vital to drink plenty of water during the moving process. Carry filtered water in a bottle in case the new place does not have water turned on.

Check Out for Risky Walkway Areas

Check out the areas around your home, particularly for bumpy sidewalks and dangerous walkway areas. There is every possibility of getting injured when loading items due to the risky walkway areas in your home. Ensure that the steps leading to your home are clearly seen and it is not slippery. The best way to avoid slippery areas is by placing mats on them, so that you don’t walk on such areas.

Besides, this there are other things you must duly consider for a safe move. These include poles, tree branches and pillars that can be a major obstruction during the moving process. It is imperative to get rid of these obstacles completely by removing them or marking the area with bright colored tiles.   

In order to move special items, you must hire professional movers. Moving items like refrigerator, TV set, furniture and other large appliances require the help of professional movers.

Don’t forget to keep a safety aid kit with you when moving. This will help you treat minor injuries during the move. Ensure that your cell phone is fully charged and it has all numbers of people to be contacted during emergency in case you are seriously injured. I hope these safety tips will help you avoid injuries and allow you to have an enjoyable moving experience.  

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