Glancing around the international community shows a clear reflection of the ideas of youth worldwide. In several major international industries such as technology, healthcare, fashion, music and energy, trends make clear the desires of youth: A safer, more innovative, collectively sustainable future.

  • Future international development priorities include:
  • .Sustainable green energy
  • .Potable water and Crops
  • .Global warming trends
  • . Education and healthcare 

Sustainable Green Energy
Some of the highest levels of pollution exists in major industrial producing countries. Youth in these countries endeavor to promote their priorities for sustainable green energy to protect their futures and that of future generations.

Potable Water and Crops
International development priorities into water desalinization is helping increase potable water in many parts of the world where access to clean, safe water is compromised. In addition, development priorities in sturdier, more drought and flood resistant crops for increased food supplies are constantly advancing worldwide.

Global Warming Trends
Also reflected in international development priorities are the youthful ideas of focused remediation of global warming trends. Ongoing programs monitor various areas of the world’s weather patterns and changes as a means of gauging the damage global warming is causing the planet.

Education And Healthcare
Access to education and affordable healthcare is a global priority that has the potential to become a shared worldwide conglomerate. Sharing of educational courses of study internationally has already been implemented and opens the door to global schoolrooms and educators.

Youthful ideas change daily life in radical ways. In combination with international development priorities, attitudes and social values merge into conceptualism that advance all peoples of the world. This is also true in art, history and literature. Core ideas and traditions persist in making their mark on individuals in society. For innovative youth, they become stepping stones to forward advancement into the future. As an example, literature has had the greatest impact on industrial and social development. Many of the literary ideas contained in classic science fiction are today’s useful conveniences. Present-day writers of mythical and science fiction may well produce hi-tech advancement of the future.

Mindful of ideas of contemporary youth, it would seem convention will play less a role in international development priorities of the future. A greater dimensional initiative to innovate from a base of continuing advancement appears to energize industries. This is particularly true in the computer age. The possibilities of how the ‘age of the internet’ will advance through international development priorities is already seen in cloud computing and social networking. Trends toward a common international language in brief speak, not to mention a more compatible global currency, investment stocks and trades are youthful ideas with prevailing international priorities.

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