September 11, 2001, was a day of infamy in the minds of Americans, the same as December 7, 1941, when Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan.  For those who lost their lives, innocently going to do a day’s work, little children in day care, and for their families, this country still grieves.  We also grieve for the police, firefighters, emergency medical services, and all those who answered the call of duty.  It will be forever in our minds, that picture of those brave souls as they walked toward those huge towers, knowing they probably wouldn’t return. 

It is sad to feel that there was so much hatred for our country that this horrible deed happened, along with attacking our Pentagon, and trying to direct Flight 93 to the White House.  Most countries at one time or another have been victims of attack.  Americans are brave citizens who love their country and aren’t afraid to serve.  We owe those brave military personnel all over the world protecting us our utmost thanks. 

After the clean up of the World Trade Center, John Henshaw, Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA, U S Department of Labor stated: “On May 30, 2002, when the recovery was completed, not another life had been lost, and illness and injury rates were far below national average for industries involved in the recovery.”  This was a very dangerous time for all who gave their time and talents to the clean-up.   

Along with hundreds of suppliers and businesses in America, Texas America Safety Company immediately sent hard hats head protection and disposable respirators to protect the dedicated workers.  OSHA distributed more than 131,000 respirators, 11,000 hard hats, 13,000 safety glasses and goggles, 21,000 pairs of protective gloves, and identified more than 9,000 hazards. 

Texas America Safety Company, along with all Americans, salutes the workers for the difficult tasks performed during the 10 months of the recovery mission.  Let us never forget that terrible day, and may each and every one of us pledge to keep America strong! 

Source: OSHA