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Whether you work in construction, have construction going on in your home, or you commute by construction on a regular basis, there are many things that you should be aware of in order to stay safe from injury around construction sites.  Over the years, construction related injuries and deaths have decreased dramatically due to the federal efforts of OSHA towards “collaborative safety,” but we can still do our part to pay attention our own personal safety regardless of regulations outside of our control.

The Dangers of Heights

Perhaps the most dangerous element of construction sites is gravity.  Usually, heights are involved when constructing multi-floor buildings so it’s possible for workers to fall from high up.  This is when the need for fall protection equipment is imperative. It’s important to be aware of ledges and loose guard rails when working near the edge of a high story.  Additionally, it’s important to be aware of objects that are placed near these ledges.  Tools, boards, and metal pieces might fall on unsuspecting workers or bystanders, ones whom hopefully have access to the best injury lawyers.

Electric Hazards

Electricity is always flowing on construction sites.  Be aware of sockets and frayed wires when installing lights or working with power-tools.  If you’re doing work in your own home, do some research and talk to an electrician before digging into your walls.  There’s no sense in being a hero when repairing or installing electric components for yourself or your family.


Power-tools and large machines are obviously a source of danger on construction sites.  When operating heavy equipment like cranes or bobcats, be sure to understand all of the safety information in either the booklet or told to you by a professional.  Do the same when working with saws, nail guns, jackhammers, and soldering irons.

Chemical Hazards

Dangerous chemicals are perhaps some of the hardest hazards to avoid on construction sites, but only if you fail to have due diligence.  Asbestos, a cause for Mesothelioma, is one of the best examples of things to look out for.  Others include lead paint, varnish, solvents, and materials that are flammable.  Be sure to use masks and gloves when applicable.


This danger is less life threatening than others, but it can still cause unfavorable injury.  Constant work with jackhammers and other tools can result in loss of hearing.  That’s why it’s important to always wear protective ear guards when working with louder than normal equipment.  Noise can also prevent people from hearing the warning sounds of other dangers, like an approaching vehicle or falling object.

There are many things to avoid when working or walking around construction sites, and these are just a few.  If attention is paid, and regulations are followed, we can continue the trend of decreasing accidents over the years.  Everyone has to play their part though and be diligently aware of much that is going on while on the job.

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As Saam stated in this article, all types of occupational safety products are needed around construction sites.  Keep your employees safe at all times on the job.