By Grace Beckett 

Electricity is almost everywhere. It is never good to come in contact with it, as it always looks for a way to reach the ground. If you are in its way, it will most definitely pass through you. It is better to take precautions than to face a fatal situation. Here is all that you need to know about making your your environment electricity-proof. 

In your yard 

  • Make sure your house is not built adjacent to any transformer. Always have a front yard and backyard to give your house some distance from the power lines.
  • Keep all the tools in a safe area like a garden shed or a garage far away from any electric lines.
  • Position all the satellite dishes, television and radio antennae in an area on the roof where there would be no interference with any power line.
  • While using metal ladders, make sure you work away from any overhead lines. If you work on an aluminium ladder that is in contact with a power line, you might get electrocuted. Use wooden ladders if possible.
  • Do not attempt to rescue objects or animals from power lines on your own. Call for help from the electricity department or the fire department.
  • Trees can conduct electricity when in contact with any power line. So remember not to climb trees close to transformers or power lines and educate your kids on this.
  • While landscaping, make sure that your trees, plants and shrubs do not interfere with power lines and transformers.
  • Electrical circuits and outlets that are present outdoors need to be protected with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). 

Within your walls 

Keep testing all your electric outlets and appliances for any damage or break. Replace defective electrical parts when necessary. Install all electrical outlets higher up on the wall away from a child’s reach. Another reason for this is because outlets closer to the ground may cause dangers if there are water spills near the electrical circuit. Keep all electrical appliances away from water. Make sure there are no hair-styling equipments like blow dryers, straighteners, dehumidifiers, etc., in your bathrooms or near the kitchen sink. 

Water is an excellent conductor of electricity, so keep away all electric cords from damp places. Avoid overloading any electrical outlet. Keeping checking all the circuits and wiring for any defects and get them fixed immediately. Always switch off an outlet before unplugging the cord. Unplug unused electrical appliances and keep them in a safe place till you need to use them again. Do not keep any electrical appliance or cord on any cloth like curtains, carpets, table cloth, etc. All electrical appliances release heat and this may sometimes lead to a fire. Use tested and certified appliances and electrical equipment (Ex: Underwriter Laboratories certified.) 

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