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Most homeowners rely on the contractor to take responsibility for any mishap that may happen to a laborer.  But the fact is that the homeowners are equally responsible in case of any untoward circumstances that occur during construction. Mishaps can happen due to negligence on the part of the labour or faulty procedures. 

The homeowner will be asked to pay necessary compensation or he may have to confront legal authority in case of any accident caused to the labour due to his negligence. Even fatal incidents are possible, when safety measures are not adopted in construction sites. For smooth completion of the construction process, the homeowner and labour must adopt certain best practices, some of which are listed below: 

Safety tips for labours and homeowners  

When constructing a basement, place supporting planks in the portion that is excavated. The planks prevent the sides from collapsing into slushy, soft soil. Even in partially-built areas, you should provide protection at excavated areas by installing signboards. You could also make lighting arrangements to prevent passersby from falling into pits.

Before cement is laid, the homeowner should make sure that the contractor is not using old, decayed construction material. Ant-bitten planks, which cannot take up much load, can be the cause of construction mishaps. 

When old buildings are brought down, the contractor may not always incorporate safety measures during the dismantling operation. So, the owner should also prevent the labour from moving near the construction area. Barricades can be erected to keep away trespassers as well. 

The tank built for water storage should be shallow to avoid fatal incidents such as children falling into it. You could instead increase the breadth and length of the tank to store a greater volume of water. The tank should also be provided with steps. 

From the point of view of safety, the homeowner should use electrical wires encased in plastic pipes or sticks of bamboo. In some cases, the steel bars on roofs are bent and touch the power lines passing close to the construction area; this may lead to accidents which can happen when these current-carrying electric wires are touched. 

Common-sense tips for labours and homeowners 

Ban alcohol and drugs: Prohibit the use of drugs or alcohol on the construction site as they give room for injuries due to impaired judgment. As it is very important that you as well as the labour have a clear focus on the task at hand, never allow drugs or alcohol to cloud your thoughts. 

Avoid getting angry: Anger distracts you from your purpose and while you’re in a construction site, you are more likely to hurt yourself. Don’t lose your focus while monitoring tasks on the site. 

Use of protective gear: Protective gear includes everything from sunscreens to sturdy safety helmets. Wear a hat or jacket to get protection from heat and cold. Distribute protective goggles and gloves to labours and instruct them to use them when working with power tools. Make sure you as well as the labour wear strong soled shoes as a form of protection against injuries.
Using correct tools: Make sure that the right tool is used for the task. When a tool is used for a task for which it is not designed, it leads to injuries. 

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