Sent to us by Grace Beckett 

When playing any game that involves shooting, safety should be your priority. Injuries, though not very serious, may still occur if you are not prepared for it. There are various safety issues and how to prepare for them. Knowing these can save you the unwanted trouble and pain of  an injury. Following these simple steps can ensure that you stay safe while having fun.

Safety equipment

Paintball masks that provide comprehensive protection for the face are available. It is necessary to wear a mask all the times in the playground. Even when you can feel the mask fogging up, you should not remove it during the game.     Play at places that have certified courses and staff, to aid you in case of any injury. The staff is adept at what they do and playing under their supervision can save you from potential injuries. 

  •      Avoid shooting wildlife when playing. It isn’t ethical, and is possibly illegal, too. 
  •      Check your CO2 tank before you start the games. It is important that you follow the steps explained by the manufacturer, as it can cause serious injuries. 
  •      Goggles are as important as masks. Eyes are especially susceptible to injury. If someone shoots directly at your face, it’s better to have your face protected, or you might even lose an eye. A paintball travels at over 200 feet per second, so it’s advisable to be safe than sorry. 
  •      Barrel plugs and barrel bags are important to be checked and done every time you take a break. Accidentally shooting someone is a realistic possibility and should be avoided. Put the barrel plug in place as soon as you go for a break. It not only ensures safety for others, but also for you, as you set an example for others by doing this. 
  •      Paintball is a fairly unregulated game. There are no statistics that give indications of the injuries afflicted by players. So, don’t believe the myth that it is safer than bowling or tennis. Field support has noticed increase in injuries in the last three years. So, play responsibly. 
  •      Avoid overshooting people. People generally get carried away and shoot opponents more than once in the heat of the battle. This shouldn’t be done. Repeatedly getting hit by these bullets can not only be uncomfortable, but also cause serious injury in the process. 
  •      Keep eyes in a different direction from air release valves. You can also wear jock or cup straps if you are a guy. This will reduce pain when hit by bullets. 
  •      Don’t shoot people from up close. In the heat of the moment it’s understandable that you might shoot someone from a distance. But it’s unacceptable to do it from point blank range without even calling surrender. If they don’t accept the surrender then you can go ahead and shoot them, but avoid doing it on the face as mentioned earlier. 

Paintball is a very entertaining game if played correctly and by following all rules. The game should be played responsibly to avoid causing injuries, or getting injured in the process. 

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Grace, I believe I will stay on the sidelines for this one!  Thanks for the safety tips to follow while playing this game, and we can only hope participants follow your advice! Pat