Four Ways to Avoid Being Pulled Over for Mistaken DUI (Guest Post)

The recent popularity of controlled substances and the use of legally prescribed medications have prompted all police departments to be conscience of the possibility of impaired operators, regardless of the presence of alcohol. In addition, contemporary vehicles are engineered for excellent performance and exceeding the speed limit is easy in any driving zone. Conversely, many vehicles experience regular maintenance problems that can go unrecognized and instigate a traffic stop. Secondary offenses are not legally sufficient to warrant action by the officer unless a primary driving offense has occurred, but always remember that the officer is an officer of the court and his testimony will have a significant bearing on the case. Officer observances carry considerable latitude, even though those charged with a mistaken DUI can be acquitted with the help of a proper defense. 

Follow All Traffic Regulations
Failure to comply with vehicle operation statutes is one of the first indicators to an officer that a motorist is intoxicated. Maintaining the proper traffic lane is the most basic of rules and can create officer attention immediately. Using turn signals is also important, along with using them in the appropriate distance before turning or changing lanes. Turn signals should be in indication mode at least 100 feet from the intersection. Avoiding congested traffic can also be a good defense against being questioned concerning intoxication because combative drivers can create dangerous situations and alert defensive drivers often need to be creative to avoid a collision. Patrolmen can be included in the congested traffic and easily stop the wrong driver. Additionally, never operate an automobile without engaging the seat belts. Many states have enhanced seat belt laws to a primary driving offense and it is sufficient to warrant stopping a motorist. 

Lack of Proper Sleep 

Perhaps one of the most dangerous ways to drive, other than being drunk or under the influence of certain medications, is to drive tired.  Lack of rest can severely influence how you’re able to handle the road; your alertness, ability to read signs and process important information, and keep your eyes on the road are all at the mercy of a good night’s rest.   

Defective Vehicle Equipment

The intensified scrutiny of motorists has also initiated a focus on proper vehicle equipment. All turn signals should be in proper operating condition, including brake lights and backup lights. The most obscure problem in vehicle operation is probably the light above the license plate, which is required on both the front and back in some states. Additionally, improper use of the high beam headlights can result in a traffic stop. The headlights are the most important safety component of an operational vehicle. Attempting to drive a vehicle is a state of disrepair can result in an intoxicated driving investigation by default. 

Legal Medications
Just because a doctor prescribes medication for an individual does not give them the authority to take the medication and drive, even under prescribed instructions. Never operate a vehicle under the influence of intoxicants, even if they are legal for the driver. It is legal to possess them when they are in the proper container, but it is important for the operator to make sure that they are, and that they are in the proper amounts. In the event you are charged with driving under the influence of legal medications, your container and prescribed doses will be pertinent pieces of information — whether you’re using a Los Angeles or Orlando Criminal Team DUI defense.
The single most important component of driving in avoidance of a traffic stop is simple. Always drive in a defensive manner and observe the speed limit. Prepare the vehicle for a clean traffic stop. Individuals that are taken to a medical facility and are under the influence of a prescribed drug may have a good case to present to the court, especially with solid, experienced and effective counsel. Many medications have half-life potency and this fact can be presented in court as a reason for any positive testing for a legal prescription because intoxication levels are difficult to detect with many legal medications. 

Saam Banai is a freelance writer, editor, and fighter for focused driving. The driver who’s experiencing false charges for drunk driving would be best suited calling a firm like Katz & Phillips P.A., which provides experienced DUI defense. Don’t take a chance in losing your license. Place your trust in an experienced lawyer who knows DUI law inside and out and can protect your rights so you can keep on driving.