It seems as though Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore.  Adults enjoy Halloween parties and if their companies allow, going dressed to work as their favorite spook or celebrity.

We have covered safety tips for Halloween for children, but this year we decided to dedicate this article of safety tips for those “young at heart” parents and adults who look forward to October 31st as much as the youngsters! 

If you are permitted or encouraged to dress for Halloween at work, choose appropriate costumes. You can visit consignment shops that feature clothes from each decade, in case you want to be John Travolta or Marilyn Monroe, or even one of the Beatles.  Some outfits you can make yourself, without spending a ton of money for a “once-a-year” outfit.  Plan ahead for the type of costume that allows you to work freely, without getting anything tangled in equipment, or covering your face while you work.  Don’t drive to work wearing a mask!  You might not look too good as some monster being loaded into an ambulance, in case of an accident.  Horseplay is never allowed at work, so even on Halloween, pranks should not be attempted.  Someone could wind up hurt, and then it wouldn’t be funny for anyone.  

My friends at Texas America Safety Company could find just about anything to wear for Halloween right there at the warehouse, including hard hats, vests, hi-visibility clothing, or even crime scene tape to decorate for their party.  If you do dress for work, be sure your shoes are comfortable, not part of the outfit, if you must stand a long time while working.  Carry the other shoes for later on. 

Pumpkins are at the center of decorations for Halloween; however, pumpkin carving can be an accident waiting to happen!  Each year, thousands of people end up getting emergency treatment for injuries from carving a pumpkin   Grown-ups can find many ways of hurting themselves without even trying!  Be sure you are in a brightly lit room while carving.  Don’t drink and carve, for Pete’s sake.  There’s plenty of time for that later if you go to a party.  (But still, don’t drink and drive).  Use a stencil to draw the design you want for your pumpkin, and use a serrated blade that won’t stick in the skin of the pumpkin, and remember to cut with a sawing motion.  Hopefully, you will be able to keep all your fingers! 

Just as we advise our older kids, once the evening begins, you should always be aware of your surroundings.  Always be alert of who is around you.  Stay out of neighborhoods you don’t feel comfortable in.  If you see a car that you feel is following you, take a photo of its license plate number with your cell phone and stay in a well-populated area.  This is a safety rule we all should follow every day. 

While you are decorating your home before Halloween, remember candle safety.  Battery-powered lights can be just as effective flickering as real candles in pumpkins.  Never leave a pumpkin with a candle near any flammable materials or unattended. 

Be sure your children have a safe Halloween, and you older ghouls and goblins, have fun, too.  Remember, though, safety first!