Today is Groundhog Day, and Punxsutawney Phil has predicted that we will have six more weeks of winter.  The way the weather has gone so far this year, I am betting on Phil!  Although the National Climatic Data Center has checked out his past predictions, stating that his record isn’t that good, folks around the country usually listen to the forecast by the furry critter anyway.  A little folk lore doesn’t hurt anyone!

The good news is, for football fans, that Groundhog Day actually fell on Super Bowl Sunday!  Phil isn’t making any predictions for the game, so it’s up to each fan to pull for their favorite team, either the Denver Bronchos or the Seattle Seahawks.

One thing for sure, it is certainly going to be a cold winter day for the Super Bowl.  Many folks are going to be staying inside and enjoy watching the game in the comfort of their homes, or at Super Bowl parties.  Hopefully, folks who plan to go the game or travel elsewhere will remain safe, because there are going to be icy roads throughout the country today.

If you don’t have your AFL Champions hardhat, or NFL hardhat,  and your team wins today, you’ll want to wear it to work and show everyone that your prediction was right all along!  There are NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA and NASCAR, as well as patriotic styles to choose from. 

Have fun today and stay warm for the next six weeks, just in case Punxsutawney Phil is right!