Many senior citizens have found themselves taking on a semi-retirement job.  Due to financial need or simply because they enjoy working, more and more seniors are working past the retirement age. 

Those who have certain professional experience from their first job, or the one they retire from, may use those skills in another setting.  Employers are happy to have older employees with experience, as they are very dependable and have a work ethic not found in many younger workers.  There is aways new technology they must learn, but they are willing and able to do so. 

Continuing to work helps keep our minds sharper.  We have to think about each step, especially when learning a new skill set.  Employers are conscious about the safety of all workers, but know that they must provide all employees with the personal protective equipment that fits the job duties, whether it is hearing protection, eye protection, gloves, or ergonomic products.  Older employees may be more susceptible to injuries, but their job descriptions must fit their physical abilities.

By working after age 65 into their 70’s, senior citizens have the feeling of accomplishment.  Most of them are just not ready for the rocking chair.  There are many activities to participate in that allow us to enjoy life, but when we are working, there is not only the sense of pride in doing a job well, but there’s also a paycheck that helps, as well.

It is sad that there are so many unwilling to work because they think a job is beneath them.  Too many citizens draw benefits that should be going to ones who really need and deserve them.  When you see an older person working at a grocery store, convenience store, or any other business, you should admire what they are doing.  You have no idea why they haven’t retired, so be happy for them that they are able to work.

Having worked in many different occupations during my life, I have enjoyed every one of them.  It would be hard to imagine what I would do if I didn’t have this part-time, semi-retirement type of job!  There are other things that fill our lives, our family and friends, but each day that I can work on this safety blog is a gift.  I have met so many friends through this website; ones from countries all over the world, and it is a pleasure to have had them share their safety tips with our readers.  In this type of work, there is no age barrier.  I have no idea the ages of our guest authors, nor do they know mine.

That’s the way all work should be: respect for your co-workers, no matter how young or old they are.  Everyone’s expertise is needed, and it’s amazing how much we can help each other if we just try.  Keep yourself safe at all times, and if you aren’t ready to retire, don’t.  Just find something that keeps you going and be proud that you still have your talents to give to the world.

Without the help of our team (of all ages) at Texas America Safety Company, my job would be very different, but thanks to their support and assistance when I need it, there’s always someone who lends a helping hand.  I can honestly say “work is better, the second time around”, and mean it.