Unseen Dangers of Workplace Nobody Will Tell You About (Guest Post)

It would not be wrong to say that every workplace has some dangers lurking for the employees. These often go unnoticed by the employees,  sometimes causing much damage and irreparable injury.  It could be a result of carelessness on the part of the management, lack of required security for workers or simply ignorance about the existence of the danger a particular activity or device holds. This post looks into those potential dangers and discusses workplace hazards we need to be careful and alert about. 

Workers in the Hospitality and Services Industry 

All those working in hotel kitchens and whipping up delicious dishes would probably never have thought about constant dangers they are exposing themselves to. The heat and fumes that they are constantly functioning in are extremely damaging to the health of the lungs. The hot pans and bulky vessels are other sources of burns and injuries that workers in the kitchen often work with and take little care. Poor lighting in kitchens, uncared for inflammable substances are other dangers lurking around in the kitchen. 

The owner of the place must ensure proper lighting, storage, ventilation and functioning appliances in proper condition for the employees.   On the other hand, the relatively innocent looking fryers and pans could also be sources of danger. While there should be a warning board displayed in every restaurant kitchen for newbies, that isn’t the case always. And so nobody will tell you that you never put anything frozen in a fryer, the oil will bubble up and burn your hands. Similarly you must always use gloves to handle pans and pots, even those that have handles. Also a slightly unwelded or loose handle can cause the pan and its contents to fall on you. Sharp objects in the kitchen exist in abundance and you must always be careful when handling knives, scissors, peelers and other sharp objects. 

Workers in the Construction Industry 

Construction workers have one of the most high risk jobs. They are constantly exposed to all sorts of danger at work. Four workers falling to their death on Christmas Eve in Toronto was a complete jolter and again brings into focus the nonchalant, lackluster attitude some employers have towards the safety of their workers. 

While working around a backhoe, being electrocuted, cut by machines and crushed between boulders and vehicles are the obvious dangers workers are encountering at all times, there is another latent kind of danger that is of late becoming increasingly common in the construction industry. It is this phenomenon called “independent contractors”. A lot of desperate, migrant workers function as cheap labor and pump in their blood and sweat (literally) into these industries. The scarey fact here is, that employers are completely exploiting these “independent contractors” as they are not properly covered within the employment benefits.  The employers as well as the insurers can get around not paying them benefits and worker’s insurance coverage. 

States must take into account these desperate workers and make laws that help them to cover expenses and financial blows experienced due to an injury at the workplace. These workers can also seek legal counsel from aggressive and dedicated personal injury lawyers who will fight for their rights and litigate to secure them the best possible settlement in the given circumstances. 

Besides these, construction workers are exposed to a number of other things that can be highly dangerous to them. Contaminated building products lead to a lot of damage in the worker’s bodies but one building product that few people know is very harmful for workers is asbestos. Painters, demolition workers, roofers, masons and bricklayers are all exposed to asbestos in some form or the other. There has been an increased incidence of peritoneal cancers and lung cancers in asbestos exposed workers. Studies have revealed that employers are using much higher concentration of asbestos than recommended,  which is immensely harmful for the employees.  Respirator protection, eye protection, and safe gloves are required for these workers.

When Working as Drivers

Motorbike delivery services, truck drivers, taxi-drivers, chauffers may get into the job thinking it is relatively risk-free. After a few days into the job they will know it’s not. You are expected to meet deadlines when you are in the delivery service and travelling on a bike, you will be speeding for your job. A fall or an accident can never be too far and you are always at risk.

Those jobs that involve loading and unloading can give you serious spine and back injuries. Many drivers also become a victim of violence and assault while on the road, which most of them do not expect and are not prepared for.  Prolonged sitting on the job  can lead to a lot of health problems like backaches and bad posture. Handling of constant communication tools even while on the road is dangerous though not deemed so by the owner of the vehicle or the driver. If you are in this profession, avoid using your cell phone as much as possible. Moreover, your job can involve engines, brakes, doors malfunctioning anytime, which can again lead to serious accidents.Regular servicing and maintenance of the vehicle is a must to make the automobile/truck as safe as possible for the drivers.

When You are a Farmer or a Rancher

While many believe farming as one of the most safe and satisfying occupations, the truth is slightly deviated from that. Satisfying, yes, probably for most, however, there are a lot of dangers lurking in farming as well. Constant exposure to various types of chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides can lead to breathing problems as well as allergies. Ask a farmer and you will believe me.  In addition, you are also dealing with some pretty big animals (who have horns and teeth) on your ranch. They are well behaved and somewhat tame, but if any of these animals get out of control, they can severely injure you – causing fractures, deep cuts, or spinal injuries.  Hence, it is not surprising to know that the death rate percentage among farmers and ranchers as high as 21.3 per cent, which makes it  actually counted as one of the most dangerous occupations in U.S.A.


Most of us spend the largest chunk of our lives at the workplace whether it is a farm, car or office. Each place and each job comes with some inherent risks and potential dangers. Some of these dangers are known to us and we know how to tackle them. But there are other physical and emotional dangers associated with the job as well, which we may not be aware of and that is what makes them all the more risky. If you have discovered any such unknown danger at the workplace, letting others know will help save many from injuries, fatigue and fatalities.

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Attorney Mike Hulen is a personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Hulen & Leutwyler, LLC in Colorado. Hulen has more than 30 years of legal experience in helping the people to rebuild their lives after being injured in accidents.  Whether you are looking for a strong representation in your personal injury case or need immediate help, call us at 888-717-7891.

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