Whether you have your own conveyance or not, you’ll have to invariably depend on public transportation at some point in time. Especially, if you’re visiting a new place, taxis come in very handy, but there are safety tips you need to understand before hiring them. Here’s telling you a few things you should know:

Hiring a reliable and trustworthy taxi service can be a daunting task. Though there are no problems whatsoever while riding in a secure taxi, but in case you run out of luck, you can face problems such as – LPG smell, unkempt cars and even rude drivers. Amidst all such issues what matters the most is your safety.

Unlike private transportation, you don’t have charge of the wheels in public transport. There are individuals today, who would go to any extent to get money and using taxis to lure victims is a very common thing!

So maximize your safety while hiring taxis – follow the tips mentioned below:

1.    Plan and Know Your Journey

It will be a lot safer for you if you know exactly where you are and where you plan to go.  Take note of all important landmarks on your way to avoid getting lost. This way you’ll even get to know whether the driver is taking you along the right way or not.

Route out your journey, make use of maps if required – giving directions to your cab driver would be a great help as your driver will be ascertained that you’re familiar with the place. Using GPS technology is the best way to keep tab on your journey and the destination to which a driver is transporting you.

If possible ride in groups instead of riding alone and avoid travelling during night time.

2.    Take Note and References of Reputed Taxi Companies

Doing homework at your end will save you a great amount of trouble later!

This is perhaps the most important step that you should follow when planning to hire any sort of transportation service.

There are reputable and registered taxi companies in and around every area. Get as much information and reviews about these companies online and also ask your friends and acquaintances to share their experiences of these companies with you.

3.    Riding Alone – Take The Back Seat, Lock & Check The Doors And Windows

Your safety is in your hands!

Do not consider sitting at the back seat as a sign of disrespect – it’s simply a precautionary measure. Lots of criminals gain an upper hand over their prey once they get a good hold of them. Even if the driver of the cab asks you to sit in front, take your initiative and sit at the back seat or you should all the way prefer to hire another cab as it’s strange for a driver to ask his customer to sit beside him.

Once you get inside a cab, lock the door and see if you can open the door again after unlocking it. Many criminal minds often lock their doors to keep you off from getting out.  Also check if you can pull down the windows of the cab as the driver may use chemicals from the airconditioner  to render you unconscious.

If you feel bad inside the cab it is advisable to stop the journey and get out of the place immediately.

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