From working long hours and feeling overloaded at work, it is possible for us to pay less attention to the importance of home security. However, burglars will always find the easiest way in and they love your busy schedules. Most burglaries are crimes of opportunities, and that can make you and your family the potential victims. Also, when burglaries happen, police often have difficulties tracking them down.  So, making sure your home is completely secured when you are at work or away from home is always important since vacant homes can always be the targets.  It is good to take caution to minimize the damage or reduce the risk of burglaries. And there is definitely a lot more to keep your home safe than simply locking the door. Here is a list of safety tips that you can use to make your home less attractive to burglars: 

Light up Your Home – Remember to light up your interiors and exteriors. Motion detecting lights are a great deterrent to burglars. If they try to break into your house after dark, the motion flood lights will scare them away when the lights turn on all of a sudden. These lights also draw the neighbors’ attention, and your neighbors can easily notice what is happening when you are not at home.  

Alarm Your House – In addition to double-checking that all your doors and windows are locked, a home security system can be smart choice by monitoring your house day and night. Common security system features include motion sensors and sirens, and you just need to make sure that the alarm is loud enough so that you can make your house a less attractive target. Also, make sure to consider customized security systems to fit your home’s unique needs because a customized security system gives you the flexibility to add wireless security cameras and other home automation equipment. Therefore, even the smartest burglars will think twice before breaking into your house. 

Be Mindful of Your Trash – There is no need to show the whole world that you just bought a fancy purse! A bunch of empty boxes or bags out is apparently an open invitation to burglars. Remember to cut the boxes down and put them in the trash bag before throwing them out. 

Display Nothing Valuable – If someone can easily look into your window and see all valuables you have in open sight, you’d better keep them somewhere else. Some fancy electronics placed in front of a ground-floor window can obviously make your house an easy target. Do not leave anything valuable for the world to see even if you really want to show off. 

Befriend Your Neighbors – Make friends and know your neighbors because maybe your neighbors can help you in an emergency one day. In too many cases we spend time at work, and your neighbor can be the person who let you know if there is a stranger lurking around or if someone is trying to break into your house when you are not home. Therefore, make friends with your neighbors and ask them to look out for your house can definitely help you fight against burglars. 

Do Not Leave Your Key in The Mailbox – This is a very common home security tip, but many people still tend to ignore it. Leaving your key in the mailbox or under the doormat is another open invitation to burglars who want to enter your home. Do not hide keys because burglars know where they are. 

Now it is your turn to think about if your home is really safe when you leave for work. Protecting your home and family from burglaries should be on your list of top priorities.


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