Things to Remember While Handling Industrial Lifting Equipment

Things to Remember While Handling Industrial Lifting Equipment


It is important to follow the necessary safety tips when you are dealing with different industrial lifting equipment in various lifting operations at your workplace. The lifting gear products and other lifting devices are heavy in weight as they carry bulky loads. It is essential that you should use your equipment correctly so that it will last long and your workplace will be safe enough for you, your employees and accessories .

It becomes an easy go to carry secure lifting practices if you follow below tips to use lifting equipment safely-

  • Never exceed the capacity of your product

For safe results, a prescribed load value called Working Load Limit (WLL) has been defined for every device in the lifting environment, exceeding it may lead to negative results. If you load above the WLL, you are putting a device under strain that can result in its irreversible damage and even a fatal injury to the site workers.

It can also cause swing of a load, load damage and destruction to the structures and people around the workplace. It is suggested that you must have a knowledge about weight of the load that has to be lifted so that you can select the best equipment for your task.

  • Try to find the center of gravity for the loads

No matter which type of load you are carrying, it is necessary to check its center of gravity. You may have heavy, even or uneven loads, but in all cases the center of gravity allows stopping the load from falling from height to cause an accident. If you want to test the center of gravity of a load, the best practice is to lift it few inches off the ground and then stop. If the load falls, it means there is less harm.

  • Use a back up safety method in case primary method fails

There might occur situations when you have accidentally overload your industrial lifting equipment or not finding the right center of gravity of the load. In such cases, you may end up dropping of load from a great height. Load arrestors can result as a good alternative for such scenarios to halt the considerable load and prevent accidents. It is thus always a good habit to connect a load to a load arrestor to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

In a Nutshell

 The aforementioned factors are of great help in providing assistance to the people so that they can safely handle variety of industrial lifting equipment and myriad of lifting gear products. Read these tips and implement them wisely whenever required.

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