7 Most Overlooked Factors That Can Invite Burglars To Your House

7 Most Overlooked Factors That Can Invite Burglars To Your House

Is your house burglar-proof? Do you think installing high-tech security gadgets will keep your loved ones safe?

Security options keep on increasing, and so do ways to beat them in their own game. If you are not able to invest a fortune in security gadgets, then is your home really safe?

Many security features make you overconfident about the safety of your house, which results in some foolish outcomes, like the following:

  1. Shrubs and plants

Plants or shrubs near the doors or windows simply means that you are inviting the burglar to lay down and hide until he gets a chance to enter the house. If you think your security cameras will alert you if any stranger turns up, then think again because even burglars know how to trick them, and enter the house unnoticed. If you still want to have plants and shrubs or your premises, then planting them near the fence is a much better option than near doors and windows. Go green wisely!

  1. Dog door

Do you love pets? Having a dog is bliss, ain’t it?

You must be having a dog door in your house, which must look very cute, right? But do you know it is a doorway to evil too? Just because it opens a door for burglars to enter your house as it has no locks or security mechanisms, naturally. Make sure you take care of the size of the dog door or its need because it is better to avoid such options, if they can be!

  1. High-rise railings

You may not like high-rise railings, but you should install them around your house to ensure the safety of your loved ones. High-rise fences allow you to stay safe not only from burglars, but also from stray animals; else they might not have to worry about the entry door anymore. You can choose railings with spikes or any other security feature to make sure it is burglar-proof. There are variety of materials as well, like metal wires, glass or wooden railings or concrete fences. Choose a material that complements the interiors of your house and meets your safety requirements!

  1. New neighbours

Having friendly neighbours is good, right? But being too familiar should not be preferred because if you don’t know your new neighbours accurately, spilling the beans in front of them might have serious consequences. They might be burglars or kleptomaniac, you never know! Know the new neighbours first, and then you can be as friendly with them as you desire.

  1. Open garage

Having a well designed open garage adds to the curb appeal, but it also increases the risks of robberies because it offers free passage to unwanted strangers. You may say that you have a security camera installed at the door and everything, but is it enough? What if the stranger enters the place with a weapon? Will seeing them on the security footage make you safe?

  1. Old locks

When was the last time you got the house locks changed? Still happy with your old locks? Get them replaced right away! As the technology is advancing, the methods to crack locks is also getting more and more efficient every day. Having old locks is like offering a treat to the burglars because then they don’t have to try hard to get inside your house.

“Always stay ahead of burglars by installing advanced security options; the time for old is gold is long gone”- Resmi, RS Engineering Installations Ltd.

  1. A tell-all

If you have a loud mouth, then don’t open it in front of everyone, especially strangers because you never know who might hear about your security installations, and plan a way to enter your house unannounced. No one likes unwanted guests, and especially when you are not there yourself. Don’t guide the burglar inside the home unknowingly, shut up! Boasting about everything else may be fine, but it’s never okay if the topic is your security system and its loopholes!

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