Do you have your bags packed yet, and all the gifts loaded in the car?  Before you head out for your holiday destination, it is always best to check ahead of time for weather conditions for all the areas you will be traveling.  Sometimes, even then, Mother Nature changes things and you aren’t sure whether to carry on or turn around and return home!  That happened to us last year, believe it or not, even in Texas, because of snow!  When we left home, it was cloudy but clear, but the farther we traveled (south), the heavier the snow became.  About sixty miles from home, we debated if we should even try to go on; however, behind us, the snow was heavy, road was covered, and lightly traveled, so we trudged on.  Not too far down the road, it stopped snowing, and when we got to our destination another 75 miles or so, it had barely snowed.  So, you never know for sure what the weather will do, especially in Texas. 

It seems there is either “feast or famine” when it comes to weather.  Either too much or too little!  In this past week, we saw massive amounts of snow falling in the Midwestern states.  Then, the “Pineapple Express” hit California, causing their governor to declare a state of emergency in six counties.  The reason these rainstorms are given that name is because they originate in the Pacific near the Hawaiian Islands.  The Express brought torrential rains, causing mudslides and flooding, as well as dumping huge amounts of snow in higher elevations.  Following five days of rain, the storms have moved on toward Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.  Ironically, these rains brought relief to areas in California that had been suffering from drought and wildfires. 

Here in Texas, much of our state is in a drought situation, with many  areas very seriously dry.  Two homes were lost just yesterday because of grass fires. Our weather forecasters are predicting badly needed rain in areas of the state today and tomorrow.  We are keeping our fingers crossed, and are those weathermen going to be in trouble if it doesn’t rain! 

For those of you in states that have a White Christmas, enjoy it but drive carefully when you are out in it.  We aren’t meteorologists, but our forecast for you is to have the safeest  holiday ever!  Be careful if you go skiing or participate in other outdoor activities with families and friends.  For those of you who must work on the holiday, we hope your day goes well and that you arrive home safely and get to celebrate at a different time.  There are many businesses that remain open to accommodate travelers, so when you utilize their services, let them know you appreciate what they do. 

Again, check your local weather and your destination’s forecast.  Remember to take a “care package” in your vehicle: extra water, your cell phone, snacks, blankets, small flashlight, and a First Aid Kit.  This is a good idea, especially during winter months.

May the airlines, trains, buses and other means of transportation be running “right on time.”  Stay safe.