The eye is by far the most essential organ of the body. Being one of the five sense organs, the eye performs the primary function of seeing. To any individual, vision is the essence of life. A wide range of problems and diseases can cause hindrances in clear visibility. Often, it is because of our own shortcomings that we develop various eye problems. Hence, special care should be taken by us in order to protect our eyesight. This article will now render a few useful information and steps that can be followed to have good and healthy eyesight.
1. Avoiding extensive use
Staying up entire night with no sleep at all causes immense pressure on the eyes. Just like the entire human body, the eye as well needs an amount of rest. With a continued pressure on the eyes, it comes vulnerable to any type of vision problems. It is essential to give a rest of at least six hours to our eyes.
2. Sensitive
The layers of skin on the eye are the thinnest. It is needless to say that they are sensitive. Hence special sort of care should be taken to make sure that no sort of physical damage is caused to the eye. In such a case, the covering skin is affected forever and with a less or no layer for protection, the eye faces a lot of problems during its course of action. Therefore, special care should be taken to make sure that no physical damage is caused to the eye.
3. Light resistance
Our eyes are quite sensitive to light with a high intensity. The vision is numbed for quite some time when the eye is exposed to a bright light for a prolonged period. The color distinction property of the eye also suffers on such exposures. Therefore, special eye protecting gear should be made use of in such cases. For example, the use of goggles during experiments in a lab helps in saving the eye from bright radiations.
4. While On The Go
While traveling it is advised not to read books. As during journeys, the body is constantly moving and the focus of the eye has to fix itself constantly. In such a condition if the reader has to put in concentration into the book that he is reading, the pressure on the eye is immense and often results in a headache. Thus special care should be taken during traveling.
5. Computer Usage
Computers are another hazardous source of eyesight degeneration. The bright screen of the computer results into an increased amount of pressure on the eyes of the person who has stick to the screen to operate the computer. It is advised to put vision protection glass coverings on the Monitor of the computer to reduce the pressure on the eyes.
6. Dust Particles
The dust on road is also another factor for which the eye is prone to problems. Dusts often have an undesired chemical effect on the eye fluids and the eye in turn and are harmful for it. It is hence said that wearing glasses or sunglasses while being out in a dry weather is always good for the eye.
7. Cleansing
Also the dirt accumulated in the eye needs to be cleaned. Besides the eye fluid, a certain eye drop is required to be treated into the eyes to clean them. A regular practice of taking such a medical protection is very beneficial for the eye and its protection.
8. Contact Lens
The contact lenses are made from very heat sensitive materials. Any influence of heat melts the lens. It is always risky to stay in a cooking area or any other warm area while with contact lenses on. Various cases of such accidents have proved that the contact lenses on melting can end up making a person lose his eyesight forever.
9. Nuclear Emission
Nuclear radiations are the most harmful elements for the eye. Special lead aprons and eye gear is to be used while performing nuclear reactions or doing any other nuclear elements related jobs.
Therefore, with all said and done it can pretty much be concluded that the eye is prone to various unnoticed and unidentified harmful factors daily. Every little thing that we do involves the eye and the various potent problems that it can face. Hence, extra care should be taken for these problems and it is to be made sure that the eye is kept safe at all costs. After all, a world which cannot be seen is a missing link in the gift of vision.

About the author: Kelly is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Besides this she is fond of blogging.
Thanks, Kelly,  for reminding us how precious our vision is, and ways to protect it!