All right, you round ball fans!  It’s time to gear up for another few weeks of March Madness!  Beginning on March 18, with 68 men’s basketball teams involved this year, the final NCAA Men’s Championship Game will be April 7th.  The NCAA Women’s Championship Game will be April 8th.  Chances are, many of you already have your brackets resting right beside the remote, ready and willing to keep up with all the games, both girls and boys! 

That gives you just enough time to get your personal protective safety products ready.  If you plan to attend some of the area games, you will need earplugs for sure.  The decibel level gets really loud at those competitions, so be prepared. 

Also, a great show of support is your NCAA team favorite hardhat!  Whether at the game, or wearing it to work, what better way to back your team than by sporting a hardhat with their logo? 

These basketball teams have been chosen to represent their schools because of their accomplishments on the court.  Several other teams were “on the bubble”, and didn’t get picked.  Chances are they will be showcased on the National Invitational Tournament.  They have all represented their schools well.   

The four teams that are lucky enough to make it to the 2014 Men’s and Women’s Final Four are sure to be four of the top teams in the nation. A team has had to win over other excellent teams to even get to this stage of the NCAA Tournament. Making it to the Final Four is a prestigious honor that is only bestowed on the best teams in the country. These teams will feature the best players in the nation, some athletes that will amaze you on the court. Being there in person for this event is the chance to see up to three amazing games in a three-day period.

Safety must be the priority for all players and officials of the games.  Referees must be in good shape in order to keep up with the rapid pace of the game, and also keep things from getting out of hand, in case tempers flare, which sometimes happens.  Trainers are on standby to administer first aid to the players; it takes the combination of all involved to have successful tournaments.

College basketball is one of the most exciting games to witness in person, and catching the women’s game is always a great experience. These female athletes are some of the most impressive players you’ll ever see in any sport, and they often possess better fundamentals than their male counterparts. When you’re there in the stands for a big college basketball game you’ll experience an atmosphere filled with excitement and anticipation. The games played at the Final Four are about as big as it gets, so the excitement in the atmosphere is more electric than usual. That’s why so many people will be clamoring to gain access to the arena for the chance to see a Final Four contests live and in person. It’s all leading up to the National Championship, the pinnacle of the sport, so you’re going to want to be there to see who comes out on top and gets to trim the net!

Good luck to all the teams, and their fans. May all arrive safely for the games, and get back home safely.  Be proud of these youngsters, many who will be playing professionally before we know it.