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Winter Olympics Are Going “So Far, So Good”

The Olympics are going well – “so far, so good” is the theory given by several authorities, politicians, and the news media.  Every day, athletes from all over the world are making new friends, as they compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals.  They are tasting new foods, seeing a new part of the world, and having the experience of a lifetime.  These winter athletes  have worked for years to qualify and compete against the best international athletes.

It is sad that there is a heavy cloud hanging over these games….the threat of terrorism.
 Olympics have been a target of terrorists ever since the 1972 massacre of Israeli athletes and team members in Munich. A lone wolf bombing in Atlanta killed one person in 1996, and the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City were clouded by fears of the 9/11 attacks that had taken place just months earlier.

But never have the threats seemed so real as they do in this area of Russia – just on the other side of the mountains from an area with a history of  years of conflict that include two recent wars between Russia and Chechnya -unmatched for the brutality on both sides.  This is according to security analyst for NBC,  Lt. Col. Robert Schaefer, a Green Beret.  Already, militants have claimed responsibility for two recent bombings that killed 34 people in a train station and on a bus in Volgograd, about 400 miles from Sochi. One of their top leaders has called for his followers to “do their utmost to derail” the games.

These aren’t people used to making idle boasts. They’ve been fighting Russians for generations and are blamed for some of the most savage terrorism attacks in recent years.  Remember the Moscow theater takeover in 2002 that ended in 170 deaths and a school siege two years later in North Caucasus where more than 300 died, many of them children, when Russian troops stormed the building?

They exist close to venues where the world’s best ice and snow athletes will perform in front of television cameras beaming it all to hundreds of millions of people around the world.  The press is now paying more attention to this situation than in the past.

With that said, it is everyone’s hope that all the athletes and fans can enjoy the games and remain safe.  Russia has made many efforts to provide security throughout the airports and venues.  Although the overwhelming forces — an estimated 100,000 police, agents and army troops are on hand — don’t ensure there won’t be any problems, the sheer numbers of security personnel have put some athletes at ease.

Those competing on the mountains have found very tough terrains.  One competitor fell so hard that her helmet broke during the crash.  Others have decided the elements are too dangerous to compete.  Still, other athletes try to prove they can beat the mountains. 

Texas America Safety Company and Blog4Safety send our  best wishes to all who have traveled from their homelands to compete in these events.  As we enjoy the games, we also look forward to the time when all athletes, their families and fans can return to safely to their homes.

Source: Republican American


 With increased financial independence, more and more women prefer to stay alone. The idea of living alone has its own perks that most women find very appealing. You can live on your own terms, feel emancipated and enjoy absolute freedom. However, such a life also comes with its own share of disadvantages in the form of security issues. Increasing crime against women has made it imperative for women to adopt means to ensure their safety. If you are a woman living alone, here are the things that will make sure that you stay safe and enjoy your life.

Choose a neighborhood with care

The safety measures you undertake should start from looking for a safe neighborhood. Check out the crime rate in the neighborhood and talk to the people and local businesses. These people will give you a fair idea about the area and also whether it is safe or not.

Once you move in, establish a rapport with your neighbors. Keep in touch always so that you are aware of the happenings in the area and can take steps accordingly.

You should know the layout of the neighborhood also. Familiarize yourself with the places so that you know the areas that tend to remain dark or deserted at night. If you have an erratic work schedule you will know which areas to avoid and when.

Secure your home           

Burglars look for homes that they can break in easily. Homes with wooden doors and windows are their easy targets. To ensure your security, you should replace old wooden doors with reinforced steel. If possible, install security grilles. Invest in deadbolt locks for the exterior doors. The windows also require special attention. Hire a specialized locksmith service and get your entire house inspected and adopt their suggestions to bolster the security system. But also remain aware of ghost locksmiths as Nashville lock maker 456lock points out. Simple things like door chains and spy holes go a long way in making you feel safe and secured.

Beware of strangers

You can install an intercom at the door to identify people who visit your home. Never open the door if you are not sure about who is on the other side. Use the door chain to slightly open the door while attending to strangers. The incidents where the innocuous pizza delivery boy or a courier guy has tried to break in or molest women staying alone necessitate you to be alert always.

Get canine company

A dog is not only a man’s great friend but can be a protector also. Apart from giving you company and much needed love, your pet dog can keep a watch on your house and also alert you about any suspicious movements. Even when you are away, presence of the dog will deter burglars from trying to encroach in your house. 

Leave your home secured all the time

Always keep the doors and windows shut. When you leave your house, take extra care to check all the entry points. No one should be able to gain entry when you are absent. While going for vacations, inform your neighbors about your plan so that they can keep an eye on your house. Keeping spare key under the doormat is a very bad idea. Keep it with a neighbor or a friend instead.

Sensor floodlights installed on the exteriors like the balconies, porches and doorway will keep away burglars.

Take help of technology to ensure your safety

Technology has made it extremely easy to keep your house under constant surveillance and also make you safe always. Your mobile phone can play a great role in ensuring your security. You should include 911 in the speed dial list. Always keep the mobile near you even when you are inside the house. While traveling alone, inform your friends or your relatives about your whereabouts.

Wireless security systems can be installed at home to keep a constant watch on your home. You can even get CCTV cameras installed at certain locations. Geo-locations software, energy savings security systems are great options to make your house burglar-proof. These systems are not only easy to operate but also make your home safe when you are away. With advancement in technology, they have become affordable also.

Keep your personal life to yourself

Social networking sites often become traps for women. Avoid sharing your personal information in social networking sites. Your working hours, travel plans and whereabouts should be kept to yourself only. Share this information only with friends whom you trust and know personally.

To prevent stalking and strangers knowing your whereabouts, you should alter your daily schedule from time to time. Change the route you usually take to reach home or office and also alter the timing also.

Being alert and responsible will keep you safe. Carrying pepper sprays, being fit and knowing self-defense techniques will instill confidence in you to handle any situation and protect yourself. 

About the Author

Anna is a home security expert in Nashville, Tennessee, who helps home owners and business owners stay safe. She loves writing articles related to home security and women safety. 


As a business begins to grow it tends to accrue more items, which in turn may prompt the demand for a larger space. Having sufficient space is crucial to running a successful business. That’s why finding the right storage space for your company’s belongings is a must.  Instead of having to worry about expanding, relocating or adding more room, look into storage to accommodate your ever-growing business needs.

Having a self-storage unit will benefit any business, whether office, retail or commercial, by freeing up space and cutting down on needless clutter. When a business effectively uses an office space to its advantage, it can help reduce the rising cost of operations and daily functions. Storing items such as paperwork, seasonal products, or extra office machines in a storage unit can help cut costs by opening up space, which will in turn help increase office productivity. While self-storage does cost money, it can easily outweigh the expense of having to expand or even relocate in the future.

Ensured & Secured

If a business owner is looking for a safe place to store their piles and piles of office documents, then self-storage is the perfect solution. Most self-storage facilities allow you to access your unit any time of day, 365 days a year. Insurance plans offered by your storage unit will also grant you peace of mind when storing your office’s belongings there.  Because most businesses go through seasonal cycles, storing excess or unneeded items can be a lifesaver.  Having a clutter-free office means not having to worry about where everything is, which helps increase annual productivity. Having more space within the building will not only help create a natural flow of output, it will look more appealing to potential clients. 

Effectively Utilizing Office Space 

By cutting down on excess items and helping to file and store all your business’ documents, you’ll be able to use your office layout to its fullest potential. The aesthetics of an office are one of the first things your business may be judged on, and many people will not want to visit an office that has a large amount of clutter. Storage enables you to rid your office of all of the extra things lying around that are blocking workflow and taking up space, not to mention the fact that this could be hurting the way a business presents itself to customers and potential clients. 

Choosing a self-storage unit for your influx of documents, furniture and everything else will help an office look organized, safely secure company files, and will allow you to utilize the extra space to your advantage. Whether you are an office, retail or commercial business owner, a self-storage unit is the perfect solution to any budding business and can drastically improve the quality of office life.

Written by Caroline Casetti for Storage Post, which offers top-notch customer service, as well as 24-hour security surveillance and 24-hour key card access. Storage Post also offers flexible month-to-month contracts, so if expanding or relocating your business is a viable future option, you can simply cancel your agreement.

Caroline Casetti is an aspiring artist, a humanitarian, freelance writer, and new homeowner. While she typically writes about community involvement, she has taken the time to recognize a few advantages of storage and why it is smart  for many businesses.

Thanks for this take on the importance of storage space.  Having worked in a brand new hospital, the thought of storage seemed to have been left out of the planning stage.  Very quickly, we ran out of room to keep unused equipment and file boxes of paperwork, which led to clutter, a common hazard.  Renting storage space, as you stated, cuts down the cost for building additional space.  Keeping a business organized is also very important to tracking down paperwork later down the line. pb



The thought of being sent overseas by your company sounds pretty exciting –  a chance to see a new part of the world, sampling new types of food, and working alongside foreign employees.  

First, some serious planning should be done in order to avoid surprises later on.  Research all that you can ahead of time, so you will be better prepared.  Companies have information that is helpful to their employees and will make arrangements for their lodging, transportation, meals, etc. ahead of time.  

It is important to know the support systems that are there for foreign workers, such as emergency service facilities.  Being informed of what services are available for U.S. citizens or other working foreigners is very important. 

One can find websites on the internet that describe the conditions for travel to just about every country in the world.  There are definite warnings on which countries to avoid, as listed by these alert levels: 

  1. Do not travel;
  2. Exercise normal safety precautions;
  3. Reconsider your need to travel;
  4. High degree of caution. 

Companies could be held responsible as a result of their employees’ causing an accidental injury or death in the course of performing their duties.  The employer is responsible for ensuring that the working conditions of their employees are safe, including the security of the buildings in which they will be working.  They are also responsible for guaranteeing the level of the employee’s experience, the type of work to be done, and risk level for injury.  Also, they must ensure that the physical condition of the worker is good. 

Every company that regularly sends employees on business trips abroad needs to assess its insurance program to assure that these employees are adequately protected if they become sick or injured. Companies with employees living abroad need to be even more attentive about the insurance protection and support services they provide. 

Normally, the employee’s domestic health insurance will not be accepted by a foreign provider.  A travel assistance program can ensure that a sick or injured employee is put in contact with the best available medical care; therefore, specialized insurance is necessary to guarantee that coverage is available anywhere in the world an employee may need medical assistance.

Other reminders:  During your time off:

  • Don’t go to places that look unsafe;
  • Take a buddy or go with a group;
  • Don’t become a victim of crime; leave your valuables at home;
  • Leave your passport in the hotel safe (so you can get home);
  • Make a photocopy of your passport to keep with you at all times;
  • Make a photocopy of the passport to leave with family;
  • Pack medicines in their original containers, take extra glasses, etc;
  • Pack all the gear you need to perform your job.
  • Know where your American embassy is;
  • Leave a family contact person’s name with your employer;
  • Observe local laws and customs – you are subject to local laws in foreign countries.

Your company has entrusted you to represent them well and do a good job.  Stay safe!




     Many of today’s new businessmen prefer to start a vending business. When it comes to ROI (return on investment) you can expect higher returns with a vending machine, than other business ventures. Basically, you have two options – starting your own business or going for franchise. Either way, you have to ensure safety at all times. 

An owner of a vending machine should set priorities and on top must be safety and security. Perhaps you’ve heard about theft and damages, such things can happen unexpectedly and it pays to be prepared at all times. Follow the top ten tips below and you don’t have to worry about your machine. 

1.      When it comes to the proper installation of the vending machines, follow the steps carefully and make it a point to read the manual firsthand.

2.      Check on the machine regularly to see if there are issues or problems. You can make a rotating schedule so that criminals will have second thoughts in committing crimes.

3.      If you can afford a CCTV camera, then you need to have it installed around the machine. This is a good idea, but it can also be costly.

4.      Make use of anti-theft alarms and devices. Before buying a vending machine, you can check for pre-built alarms or devices; modern machines are equipped with the latest safety technologies that will ensure security even nobody’s around.

5.      The part where the cash is kept must be fully secured, and it is better if you collect the earnings every day, or you can use an unpredictable schedule to get the money.

6.      Check the machine for possible damage, cracks, and other problems that can compromise its safety. Fix any potential problem and don’t wait until it becomes worse.

7.      Install the vending machine in a secured location. Even if a certain place has many potential customers, you should look for another location if the area is not secured especially at night.

8.      Don’t buy used and beat up machines. Older models of machines don’t offer much in terms of security.

9.      Check the location to see if the machine is well-lit. This is needed to help people find what they need.

10.  Online reporting system for effective management of the vending business. This is for those who plan to get a franchise vending machine. 

As long as you follow these tips, you can never go wrong with your choice. 

Vending machines can also cause injuries. You have to make sure that the machine doesn’t tip over easily. The surface where the machine is installed must be flat and leveled. Many customers tend to shake or kick the machine when something goes wrong. Accidents like this will hold the owner liable, so be extra cautious when choosing a machine. 

It is always a good idea to buy the latest or newer vending machines. New models usually consider safety of users and the owner. Don’t forget to put warning stickers. By doing so, the consumer is warned in advance and will also exercise care while handling the machine. 

Author Bio:

Victor McNamara works at Vending World. Vending World is a leading distributor of vending machines. They have been selling vending machines since 1968 and can fill almost all of your general vending machine needs.

A tip to all of us who use vending machines: keep hand sanitizer in your car or purse, because germs are waiting for us on machines, and any other place used by the public. pb


Vandalism; first defined by the Romans, this ever-present threat continues to give property owners something else to think about when maintaining their asset. In the absence of a single solution to eradicate this problem, those with something to protect must a construct a physical force field, covering both the outer and inner perimeters of their owned area.

The idea behind implementing a watertight security strategy is that almost immediately, the power is handed back to its rightful owner. Vandals like to think that they can stroll into a property, inflict hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds worth of damage and exit without trace. This sense of control can be denied by introducing two lines of defence, policing key outer and inner zones of a property.    

These are two of the most important areas to protect and, along with natural access control, almost define physical security. With both inner and outer lines covered, here’s what a typical security plan will involve.  

The outer perimeter

Covering – The best way of halting a stream of attacks is to cut off the source – its entry point if you will. Vandals cannot inflict damage on your property without physically getting into it, so you must provide a strong line of security at the cut-off point. This is the outer perimeter, a line that can be crossed on foot or by car that defines where your property starts. This area, technically, is where you have made your initial investment and any damage inflicted from within will have to be repaired by yourself.  

Solutions – Possible solutions for policing an outer perimeter can be anything from a large hedge to more extreme measures, like a barbed wire fence. Some will decide to point their security cameras to this area, or hire a guard to stand by it. These solutions aim to draw a clearly visible line around the property, alerting criminals of where they’re not welcome. In deciding which type of what type of outer solution would suit your own business, you need to weigh up the risk of vandals and assess exactly what might be targeted.   

The inner perimeter

Covering – In the event of your outer perimeter being breached, you must have a second line of security to shield off attacks on your building. The inner perimeter is less of a line and is more or less attached to the asset, so think security measures for halting access via doors, windows and any other entry points.     

Solutions – Although a sturdy lock and key remains at the forefront of this strategy, technology plays an integral role in covering other areas of the inner perimeter. Protecting this line can usually be accomplished through the use of alarm systems and security cameras, which can stop vandals in their tracks without even being activated. A CCTV camera almost acts as a warning sign, informing vandals that if any break-in is attempted, their actions will be captured and relayed back to the police. The same goes for an alarm system, the use of which will be well sign posted to tempt vandals out of committing their act.       

Regardless of how big the requirement is, taking care of these two lines really will give you the protection you need. All you’re required to do is assess the risk at hand and contact a professional security company to discuss possible solutions. Never underestimate the threat and opt for the best you can afford. After all, your investment could save you a significant amount on damages.  

Author Byline:

Finley Talbot is a keen blogger with a deep interest in security systems and the upcoming technology in homeland defence. He is also a season ticket holder for Arsenal Football Club, as well as being an armchair critic of everything happening in football.


Improving work safety means being aware of the different security solutions available, whether for specific businesses, or as more general security systems. A comprehensive monitoring system should be a priority for most businesses, and in particular one that can be accessed remotely, and that can bring together a number of functions around a single real time system.

At the same time, it is important for businesses to think about the extent of their video surveillance, and how this can be improved and customized to the needs of an individual company and premises. More on these essential security systems can be found below:

Comprehensive Monitoring Systems

A comprehensive monitoring system essentially means one where a number of different functions are compatible with each other, and accessed via a single piece of software. Burglar alarms, security cameras, locking mechanisms, and staff logins can all be placed through advanced software that can run within a building on a 24 hour basis. These systems can combine wired and wireless functions, and can ideally be accessed from outside a property. Alarm and intruder reports can be sent on to a manager via their laptops or smartphones, and can include videos of break in’s. Having a real time system for checking security can also help to monitor the use of staff login card and keys, as well as who has access to a staff intranet.

Video Surveillance

Most businesses invest in some form of video surveillance. However, just relying on CCTV video cameras can be limited if they are cut, or are easily visible from the street. Some businesses even take a gamble on fake cameras as a deterrent to potential intruders. Another option are discreet digital cameras, which can be placed out of immediate view, but can record in night vision and infrared modes, as well as in high definition.

Images can be stored onto a digital video recorder, and archived onto hard drives. These kinds of digital records can be more easily searched along a timeline than video cassettes, and can allow security guards and managers a much more precise record of activity around a property.

It is an unfortunate fact that workers who are subject to unsafe environments can be litigious, so it makes sense to invest in resources that prevent accidents before they happen.

Author Bio:
Sebastian recommends that before you commit to investing in security systems that you contact a number of providers to ensure you’re providing your workers with a compatible and competitive system for your business.


There’s an argument going on in some circles as to whether or not CCTV cameras actually help to reduce crime or catch a criminal.  According to law enforcement officials, video of an incident is often played on local news channels to gather leads and identify individuals from the general public. 

Also, the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention reports that CCTV cameras prevent the theft of more than $35 million in merchandise a day.  They not only capture shoplifters, but are also effective in capturing murderers, rapists, child abductors and preventing various forms of violent acts across the country. They do this through the use of CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras record events to a CCTV DVR (Digital Video Recorder), which stores the footage for replay. CCTV cameras don’t carry guns or chase after the assailants as they flee, but what they do, they do well.  They give law enforcement officials video evidence of the act itself. 

When an incident occurs, police admit that the first thing they look for are security cameras in the area that may have recorded information on them that can put a criminal behind bars faster than fingerprints or other evidence left behind.  

In addition to capturing perpetrators in the act, surveillance cameras have become an eyewitness to car wrecks that can be played over and over again to learn how the accident occurred and which party was at fault.  In Milford, Florida, a multi-car accident that sent eight people to the hospital, including two with critical injuries, helped officials in determining the cause of the accident using a nearby security camera that was placed on top of the Milford Regional Medical Center.

Thanks to technology, a good video camera can record the title off of a book that someone is carrying using a high resolution CCTV camera with a varifocal CCTV camera lens that produces a crisp picture.  CCTV Cameras are designed to capture video in large areas such as parking lots to small corners of a convenient store, inside and outside and during the day or in the dark of night using infrared lenses.  

“Walking around in any major city, or even a midsize city, the odds are pretty good that you’re probably being picked up by one or more cameras,” said Christopher Ott, communications director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts. 

The CCTV camera isn’t a magical solution, but odds are if you commit a crime, you’ll likely make the evening news.

Written by Mike Hassebrock from The Security Product Depot 

The Security Product Depot is an established online provider of physical security products. As an innovative supplier of online security solutions, they are committed to offering the broadest array of CCTV camera systems, door hardware, locks, and safes for securing government, school facilities, commercial businesses and residents. 



Two articles regarding security are featured today were written by Mike Hassebrock.

The Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance systems today are no longer standalone devices. CCTV camera systems began making tremendous technological progress in the last decade due to the invention of DVR (Digital Video Recorder) technology.  Once CCTV systems moved off the VHS tape technology platform and started converting video images into a digital format, it opened up a whole new world of opportunities to integrate CCTV cameras with other security and information system technologies.  Originally, CCTV surveillance systems were simply designed as deterrents and delivered low quality, black and white images. Today they are much more than just standalone devices. Using digital technology and the vast improvements in camera lens technology CCTV systems can do many functions to better secure and protect a business, home or even an entire community. 

The versatility of CCTV DVR camera systems allow them to work alongside other technologies: 

  • Integrating it with alarm systems to send a security alarm signal if a person enters a restricted area.
  • Work with access control systems to verify the person that is swiping their card is the actual person requesting access.
  • Ability to link into cash registers to oversee cash register transactions, verify receipts and identify theft. 

These are only a few basic ways that CCTV DVR systems are able to work with other security and information systems. 

At a much more advanced level, CCTV systems can be designed to work on local area networks (LANs) and interface with other databases.  For example, CCTV cameras can capture a license plate number and then convert that number into a digital format so it can be cross-referenced against a national database to see if the vehicle is stolen. 

As video recording and imaging software technologies continue to advance, the CCTV camera system will become a video analytics tool that can anticipate events based on movement and behaviors.  Intelligent video algorithms, such as sophisticated motion detection, can identify unusual walking patterns and alert a guard to watch a particular video screen. Also, object-recognition algorithms can identify someone who might simply be loitering, or even a briefcase or a suspicious object that is left in an unusual or unsuspecting location. 

These video surveillance capabilities will become even more sophisticated as IP Cameras continue to advance.  In the future, IP cameras will be able to process the intelligent video algorithm right inside the camera.  Being an IP camera on the network, this information can be sent to any device or security agency in the world for analysis and decision processing.
When investing in a CCTV surveillance camera system consider the possibilities and numerous benefits of integrating with monitoring devices, alarm systems and access control devices.  This will help identify and interrupt security breaches as they’re occurring or even before they take place. 

Written by Mike Hassebrock from The Security Product Depot 

The Security Product Depot is an established online provider of physical security products. As an innovative supplier of online security solutions, they are committed to offering the broadest array of CCTV camera systems, door hardware, locks, and safes for securing government, school facilities, commercial businesses and residents.